BitBox Base

The BitBox Base is an ongoing project of Shift Cryptosecurity that aims to build a personal Bitcoin full node appliance. The whole software stack is free open-source. This documentation is aimed at project members, contributors and intersted people that want to reuse our work on their own devices.

Table of Content

  1. About
  2. Hardware
    1. Specifications Overview
    2. Platform Choice
    3. CAD Concept Schematics
  3. Creating the Base image
  4. Go applications
    1. Building Go binaries
    2. Middleware
    3. Go tools
  5. Operating System
    1. Build Armbian image
    2. Build details
    3. Configuration
    4. Security considerations
    5. Helper scripts
  6. Main applications
    1. Bitcoin Core
    2. c-lightning
    3. Electrs
  7. Supporting applications
    1. Tor
    2. NGINX
    3. Prometheus
    4. Grafana
  8. Firmware upgrades
    1. Overall concept
    2. Device implementation
    3. Attestation
    4. Custom firmware
  9. Contributing

Contributor workflow

We are building the software stack of the BitBox Base fully open source and with its application outside of our own hardware device in mind. Contributions are very welcome. Please read the Contributing section before submitting changes to the repository.