Helper scripts

Several helper scripts are located in the /opt/shift/scripts/ directory.

    General system configuration utility, centrally defining recurring configuration action. This script can be used manually from the command line, but is also used by the BitBox Middleware and Supervisor to trigger configuration operations.

    Settings are stored in individual files in /data/sysconfig/ as key/value pair. For example, the file BITCOIN_NETWORK contains BITCOIN_NETWORK=mainnet. It can be sourced by any script, so that the variable BITCOIN_NETWORK is available immediately.

    BitBox Base: system configuration utility
    usage: [--version] [--help]
                        <command> [<args>]
    possible commands:
      enable    <dashboard_hdmi|dashboard_web|wifi|autosetup_ssd|
      disable   any 'enable' argument
      set       <bitcoin_network|hostname|root_pw|wifi_ssid|wifi_pw>
                bitcoin_network     <mainnet|testnet>
                bitcoin_ibd         <true|false>
                bitcoin_dbcache     int (MB)
                other arguments     string
      get       any 'enable' or 'set' argument, or
      apply     no argument, applies all configuration settings to the system
                [not yet implemented]
      exec      <bitcoin_reindex>
    Batch control all systemd units at once, e.g. for getting an overall status or stop all services.

    BitBox Base: batch control system units
    Usage: <status|start|restart|stop|enable|disable>