Do It Yourself!

The BitBox Base projects encourages you to build your own Bitcoin full node! It is still under heavy development and not ready for primetime, so this section will become more detailed over time.

Hardware assembly

Although we use custom hardware to improve our commercial product and enable additional features, you can build your own full node using standard components:

Build Base image

The automated build process compiles the custom Armbian operating system, installs and configures all applications and prepares the image for Mender OTA updates (optional).


Make sure you have the following prerequisites installed on your computer. At the moment, we test the whole process on Ubuntu only.

  • Docker CE, version >= 18.06.3
    install manually according to the official documentation

  • Git and qemu-user-static

    sudo apt-get install git qemu-user-static

Compile Armbian and custom applications

The BitBox Base runs a minimal Armbian operating system with additional custom applications written by Shift Cryptosecurity. The main output is an Armbian image that contains the compiled custom applications and can be used to boot the BitBox Base.

We assume that running Docker requires sudo, therefore sudo make is needed. If your Docker installation allows execution for regular users, sudo is not necessary.

  • Building the BitBox Base system image
    sudo make
  • Optional: updating the BitBox Base system image later with an adjusted build configuration
    sudo make update

See Building the Armbian base image and related pages for more details.

Create update artefacts

The Armbian disk image contains only one partition and cannot be updated remotely. To integrate the BitBox Base with the professional update management solution, this image is postprocessed. The result is a disk image with multiple partition that contain the mender configuration and allow over-the-air updates.

  • Creating disk image and update artefacts based on the Armbian system image
    sudo make mender-artefacts